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About Carerom.com  Administrator
Tanbir Ahammed Mamun

He is an Industry-leading Engineer to repair Hardware and Software subjects in GSM Phone, Smart Phone, Android and Tablet device since 2017. He is the founder of the Carerom.com website and Firmware administrator of the behind.

Firmware is a Software package that is installed inside the ROM of the device using IC chipset like NAND, EMMC, EPROM. In the Mobile device industry, Some of the Popular manufactures provide the Firmware package for their product to repair their device in after-sales service.

After the warranty or void, Flashing the Mobile device is legal because sometimes you need to upgrade or reinstall the software on your phone. Also, the Firmware flashing helps to recover Logo Hang, Boot loop, any Security forget and any other common soft issue on Mobile Phone.

Official Firmware release is totally free by original manufacturers. These files are allowed to share and listing anywhere on the internet. You know there are millions of Smartphone models available now and manufactures are daily introducing new models.

Various brands and unknown models Software not possible to find on the internet. Because no one uploads this type of Firmware (Flash File) on the internet. But people still interested to repair their Mobiles and come to us. So what’s the solution?

I am Produced a free Stock Firmware downloading system for Featured Phone, GSM Phone, Smartphone, Android and Tablet devices, and share the (Flash File) with other Mobile Phone repairing technicians around the world.

We don’t publish any type of custom ROM. We direct list Firmware models in our database with all of the required information with official credits. Official and original means fully untouched (Flash Files). If any of those files are modified for engineering purpose we will note the information on the Firmware page.

Various and unknown model device files full credit goes to Carerom.com Because we produce them using Professional Tools and interface from our Workstation. There is many expert working in the behind Frpdon.com As a repair workstation, we can read Firmware from Thousand of various devices per month and listing this on our site.

Our Local Service

*Mobile Phone Parts and Accessories.
*Repair all basic problems in your Phone.
*Major Hardware Repair (Power management and Network section).
*All Software Repair (With Unlock Service).


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